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Meet Founder, SoMedia Solutions Group, Lifestyle Influencer and Super Mom – Elizabeth Osho

Elizabeth Osho is an excellent communicator, a strategist and public relations professional with expertise in brand management and strategy, project management, digital marketing, content creation and lifestyle consultancy, she’s also a lifestyle influencer.

She is the founder of SoMedia Solutions Group, a Communication and PR firm with offices in Washington DC and Lagos. A company that has helped numerous brands across different industries portray unique stories in a way that positively influences the opinion of their target market. She is extremely passionate about her work and has a proven record of producing results in a target driven environment. She has worked with brands such as Disney, FilmOne|Filmhouse, Unilever South African Tourism and more to improve brand recognition and drive profitability. She has a wealth of experience that helps brands such as Universal, Netflix, Marvel Studio, and Moet and Chandon to communicate their brand story effectively.

Despite being a busy CEO and a hands-on-mummy, she still finds time to be a lifestyle influencer, creating eye catching content for top brands. She has worked on large-scale brand influencing for Lancôme, Maggi, and Johnny Walker.

She has been featured on numerous TV and radio shows including CNN as one of the leading women in the digital space in Nigeria. She was also listed as one of the top 100 most inspiring women in Nigeria by both Leading Ladies Africa and The Guardian Nigeria.

We caught up with our ever busy Media girl and asked her a few questions.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by love, growth, new beginnings, and the human ability to re-invent ourselves. Our drive as humans to press on despite life’s hurdles and challenges. The fact that we are able to embrace and thrive in new seasons, inspires me.

What do you find most challenging about your work?

Managing different personalities. Working in a Public Relations agency means that you are constantly juggling multiple personalities and their various expectations; whilst trying to be ethical and transparent. This is one of the reasons as an agency, we prefer to work with brands rather than individuals. I always use the example that a brand doesn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed. It just is! Our goalposts may change but ultimately what success looks lie to a brand won’t be far off from what was originally discussed. An individual on the other hand, has so many variables that affect mood and vision.

Describe yourself using four dynamic words.

Energetic, Diligent, Aggressive, Loyal.

Who are your favorite people in the world?

My baby son Elijah, my husband and my mother.

Tell us about the happiest time in your life

When I had my son, I cried as I was being sewn back up (Sorry for the graphic detail) nothing can replace that exact feeling when I heard him cry for the first time. It was the purest joy. The first few days with him, seemed like Euphoria. I felt like I was in an alternate universe and couldn’t quite believe I got so lucky! I still look at him in awe at times, like…..he’s really ours (well for now until he becomes a teenager and thins he’s the boss of himself! lol).

If you were to change something about yourself, what would it be?

I would ask God to bless me with a more discerning spirit, I would take my time to embrace and welcome people, i.e. drawing them close. I’m so open and happy-go-lucky that over the years I’ve embraced people and drawn them close to me when they should have been acquaintances.

What would you like people to remember you for?

For the longest time, my nickname was Voltron amongst my peers but as I’ve grown, I’ve realized I cannot save everybody and it’s not every situation that involves fighting. However, I want to leave my mark and the importance of legacy is very clear to me. I’m very community driven and my goal always is to help break down barriers and promote equality where I can, especially for those traditionally marginalized or underrepresented. I strive for people to have positive interactions with me, where I have left them better than I found them.

If you had the opportunity to go back in time, what would you change or do differently? And how would that change affect your life now?

I have no regrets. Everything that I’ve been through has made me who I am today. However, I’d have taken university a bit more seriously (instead I partied a lot) I would have even more doors open to me now but I’m not doing too badly and I’m making up for university days with hard work and being strategic in building the life I want. So, no regrets!

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