LGBTQ+ Month

February is the month of love in multiple ways. Not only does it have the universal

day for celebrating love, Valentine’s Day, but it has also become the LGBTQ +

history month. 

Throughout history life has been difficult for people of certain sexualities, with there

being a lot of stigma, and sometimes even hate, towards people who don’t identify

as heterosexual. Not only this, but until recently people who identified as LGBTQ+

didn’t receive the same rights as ‘straight’ people. For example, it wasn’t until 2013

that same sex marriage was made legal in the UK, and there are still even some

countries that don’t allow it. 

The world has come a long way, with people being much more accepting of those

who choose to identify themselves as LGBTQ+, however there is still much more

that needs to be done to ensure that everyone is treated equally and have equal

rights, and to change some of the negative attitudes and stereotypes held by certain

members of society.

Below are some key events and things that have happened which helped towards