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Hello April

Welcome to April💖⁣

Did you know that the word “April” is derived from the Latin word “Aperit” which means to “open” April is the the month of the growing season and when trees and flowers begin to open. Wow! How amazing is that? ⁣

The beginning of a new month is an opportunity for us to start afresh and continue our individual journeys to self discovery, self improvement and self development. ⁣

Just as the trees and flowers are blooming and growing this month, we as human beings can bloom and grow this month. Yes! Open doors of opportunities await you this month. ⁣

We hope you all enjoy all that April brings; the beautiful spring weather, the start of warmer weather for some of us, a wonderful Easter celebration, and strength to go through the Ramadan season for our Muslim sisters. ⁣

This April we hope that your sky is bright and clear and your grass is growing green. ❤️

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