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Breaking the Bond of Dependency

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Chains cannot hold an informed mind. This is as liberating as it sounds. The need for every woman to be educated and liberated is no longer top of the news. Issues around women development and empowerment require proper schooling in the things that ought to be and not, which is paramount in successfully breaking the shackles of limitation that has hovered around our existence. Definitely, empowering women is a process with multiple factors coming into play, none of which can be over or underemphasized. However, one factor particularly stands out, as it seems the backbone of this grill. Nothing is as powerful and life-changing as what comes from within. Our willpower, our tenacity, our aching desire to rise above the norms, blaze a trail, question and challenge existing ideologies and trudge on like soldiers, but most important of all, our SELF CONFIDENCE. This is simply the key that unlocks the door to the haven of empowerment. The consistent lack of belief in our own values, worth and ability despite our ambition, disenfranchises us in a plethora of ways. Knowing our rights and standing by them, unabashedly requires a ton of courage. The first step to this is accepting who we are without shame or guilt, loving our strengths and flaws, accepting our beautiful imperfections and being content with ourselves, just enough for us to be at peace with our self and get fired up for ourselves. As women, we should know and accept that our personal worth doesn't come from relationships, career success, body image and more. While it is important to note that contention doesn't imply complacency, skills should and must be acquired. Get in the preparation zone, improve on whatever needs to be fine-tuned, thereby amassing experience and expertise—this is important in achieving any milestone in development. We have to believe we have a voice and more importantly, making what we have to say, worthy of being heard. True empowerment comes when we as women get successfully liberated from pre-existing conceptions, perceptions and ideologies, refuting theories that have labelled us weak, inferior and limited. It's all about finding the courage to stand above the biggest of chains and fears which cloud our minds. This brings healing and health, the grace to exist unapologetically, pursue dreams unabated and maintain powerful relationships without feeling trapped or used. Then we think genuinely in charge of our self-worth and life (not what anyone or social media has passed on to us). Boy, how beautiful we will become! A beauty that radiates from a sound mind, embracing our seemingly vulnerable traits and harnessing them into strength. It is all about getting to that oasis, where being and doing feminine things become nothing we have to apologize for. Over the years, we as women have depended on our society for empowerment and liberation; it is time for us to find our own wings to fly. The Circle Special Edition Video Summary 2017By: That Warri Girl in Lagos

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