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Lynn Ngugi 

Lynn Ngugi is a reporter who has made herself space and room in the digital area to become an award-winning and honorable professional. She has had several exciting business endeavors and many life experiences in between.


Her profession started with her serving as a volunteer attending to Cancer patients. Lynn Ngugi then started pursuing her career as a journalist. Between 2011 & 2014, she performed as a producer at Kiwo Films. Next up was the Qatar Foundation, where she performed in the Research and Development department as the project director. 


In 2017, Ngugi moved into TUKO Media, where she began as a video producer. She got to expand & develop her skill set in working with different media forms. After that, she went into range development and was selected producer at the journalism house. Her profession at TUKO has been on an upward revolution in its four years thus far.


She has won prizes and recognitions for her journalism efforts sending stories on different emotions connecting with many people. One is the mid-2020 Humanitarian Journalist of the Year Award. Lynn declared on her Instagram page on 18th Aug 2021 that she was leaving Tuko and is yet to announce her next step.


Moreover, with a blossoming profession, Lynn Ngugi has managed to work with other qualities in the country’s media and entertainment enterprise, such as Jalan’go. Beyond journalism, Ngugi has been entangled in other industries as a talk show host. She had intentions to set up one named Kilimani’s mum’s talk show which was unfortunately carried out at a very early stage on the grounds of copyright infringement

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