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Chika Chukwu 

CHIKA CHUKWU is a shining star. With a wealth of experience as a Broadcaster, having worked as a radio On Air Personality for many years, she is now a Digital Creator with focus on providing valuable resource on Motherhood, Lifestyle, Fashion and Food. She is also The Host of a very exciting digital talk show called CHIKA CHATTER!, which has garnered nothing but rave reviews from her audience.  


Having struggled with finding herself after having children, and being back on her feet again, she now plans and executes a series of life changing self care events designed to help mothers reignite their light, and build strong bonds with their fellow women. Her Play Date Series for children, aimed at helping children foster healthy social bonds early on, are also a thing to watch! 


A creative at heart, she is a Content Creator and collaborates with brands, providing useful content to communicate their message with impact. 


Her goal is to make the world a happier place with her work and inspire people to constantly show up as their best selves and live their best colourful lives.

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