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Adelle onyango

Adelle onyango is a poet, musician, MC, activist and media personality. She host breakfast show on KISS 100 alongside Shaffie Weru. is one of Kenya’s most popular media personalities. In Kenya, one of the most searched keywords relating to this radio sensation is “Adelle Onyango teeth”


She started her career in the world of entertainment. Apart from this, she is the brand representative of Intel Corporation’s campaign named “Intel She Will Connect” campaign. As an empowerment tool, the campaign recruits more women into it via internet. Adelle Onyango also works on a project named “Project She” that deals in women empowerment via storytelling.


A campaign called “He For She” was founded by Adelle Onyango which is designed on women empowerment. A campaign named “NO MEANS NO” was also started by Adelle Onyango in the year 2010 to raise voice against rape. She is also a counselor for the YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative).

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