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Doyinsola Afolabi 

Investment banker turned beautypreneur, Ms. Doyinsola Afolabi is the founder of DIDI BEAUTY CO, a beauty cosmetics company based out of Nigeria with a global reach. She was born and raised in Nigeria and graduated top of her class studying Finance.

With a yearn for more, Doyinsola Afolabi also known as Didi began to experiment with formulations to create her own beauty products and in no time, she began to offer unique products ranging from eyebrow pencils to lip glosses to her large clientele.

Her experience in investment banking and her love for arts, creativity and beauty has helped her scale her beauty brand to a large extent.

Doyinsola is keen on the distribution of knowledge, hence she has organized several tutorials and has collaborated with beauty professionals to impact well over 5000 women in the beauty industry.

Her brand is very supportive of makeup enthusiasts and makeup artists.

Doyinsola believes makeup is for everyone irrespective of race, status, culture, age, or religion and continues to push limitations to provide high-quality yet affordable makeup products

She won The Future Award Africa Prize for Beauty 2020.

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